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How does it works?

An affiliate program is a type of partnership between an online merchant and a website owner where the online merchant rewards the website owner for any revenue generated through the merchant's link on the partners website. As an affiliate, you are paid a comission every time a costumer is refered through you website and generates revenue for the merchant

 You can earn money with affiliate program with your own website or if you don't have website you can also promote 77xslot using a referral link in your social media groups and share with  your friends. Fill the form on contact page and an affiliate manager will be on touch with you shortly.

He will discuss with you the terms of partnership and will creat a referral link for you as an admin link . He will provide you banners for you advertise in your website.

What is an affiliate program?

Anyone can become affiliate. All you need  to do is ro be owner of a website and  fill the form on  contact page, an affiliate manager wiil contact you shortly.

Who can become an affiliate?

Yes. We have content available to all our affiliates that you can use on your site to increase the number of players and revenue.

Can i use 77slots content on my website?

Our standard plan of comission is based on revshare but we can adjust other comissions plan.

What is your comission structure?

Net Revenue in the 77xslotis calculating by taking Gross Profit Figure and deducting game and sportsbetting provider's, deposit and withdrawal expenses, casino cashback bonuses and converted bonus amount as a cost.

How the net revenue is calculated?